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Private Tutoring vs Learning Centers

Private Tutoring...

  • 1-on-1 private attention with an experienced tutor allowing the greatest opportunity for math success!

  • We come to YOU!!! With the busy lifestyle of most families and extracurricular activities, we want to make tutoring convenient for you and your child!

  • Your child will have THE SAME tutor each time. This allows the tutor to learn the student's learning style and teach in a way that benefits your child.

  • Math Curriculum that follows Fulton and Cobb Counties outline.

  • A chance for your child to build trust and establish a working relationship with the tutor building confidence and self-esteem.

Learning Centers...

  • Most learning centers work with students in small groups to tackle already challenging math concepts.

  • When using a learning center, you have to drop your child off and pick him/her up when the session ends. This sometimes interferes with other family appointments.

  • Often, learning centers set up each student with whomever is scheduled to work that day during a particular session which results in inconsistency.

  • Most learning centers use the same set Curriculum for each student regardless of what county and/or school system they are enrolled.

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