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"Thanks so much for this wonderful program! After a month of working one on one with your staff, my daughters grades in 9th grade Algebra are on the rise! For the first time she gets it! THANK YOU!"
- (Lisa of Johns Creek)

"After tutoring with The Math Tutor Network, my daughter ended the 4th quarter with an A! She also qualified for Advanced Math for the upcoming school year. And that’s not it; she actually exceeded the standard in Math on the CRCT end of year test. Thanks so much for your help! I am sure you gave her confidence in math and I know it helped to fuel her other areas as well! Many, Many thanks!"
-  (Kelly of Milton)

"My daughter was struggling in advanced second grade math.  I was referred to The Math Tutor Network and have been blown away with the success!  Not only did I see her grade increase from a C to an A, but she now has confidence and less anxiety at home with homework.  Ms. Lee’s approach was calm, loving, and encouraging.  With the right strategy, tools, and goal setting my daughter is flourishing."
- (Tracy of Milton)

"Hiring Ms. Lee as my son’s math tutor was the best decision that I have made!  My son was having a difficult time learning math in school due to the large class size and the general chaos of the class.  After two tutoring sessions he took his first math test and scored 100%.  He scored 95% on his second math test!  He has been happier and exudes much more confidence in his abilities after working with Ms. Lee.  Personally, I believe this is her “calling!”  She is so wonderful with my son!  She has a way of connecting and communicating clearly with children.  She builds them up and makes them believe in themselves!  So thankful we have her!  Math is a subject that I no longer have to worry about! (: "
- (Anna of Alpharetta)

"...Miss Kim is so nice, she helps me understand math a lot better. She is funny and always tells me I am doing a great job. She takes her time and doesn't rush me which I like. She is always smiling and says nice things even when I make a mistake. I really like Miss Kim."
- (E.S of New Prospect Elementary)

"Our daughter has always been afraid of math. She felt intimidated and frustrated by what she had to learn. When she started with Kim I immediately saw my daughter seem more at ease and confident. Kim's praise and encouragement has made us all feel more positive about math homework and the curriculum. Math homework is no longer a stressful event in our house.We have tried Math learning centers in the past and now feel the one on one experience is so much better for our situation. Our daughter no longer feels left behind."
"Kim's positive influence on our daughter has been remarkable. She is able to keep our daughter on track and focused even after a long day at school. Kim is very proffesional and personable. She always come prepared and ready. We are blessed to have Kim in our lives."
- (Therese of Alpharetta)

"My daughter tutored with The Math Tutor Network last summer for enrichment.  She enjoyed learning with the tutor and learned a lot of new concepts over the summer. The Curriculum Enrichment plan set by the owner was just what my daughter needed to prepare her for the upcoming school year! After learning so many new skills, my daughter began Accelerated Math in the fall and is doing very well!!  A big thanks to The Math Tutor Network.... "
-(Nancy of Milton)

"Ms.Lee's tutoring is very helpful! When she tutors she's so nice! As she started tutoring me, my grade numbers kept getting higher and higher! And whenever I struggled with a problem, she was always there to help. She is a great tutor! Tutoring with The Math Tutor Network is so nice to have when you're in need of help."
-(M.K of Kings Ridge Private School)

"My daughter began seeing the tutor between her first and second grade years. She was painfully shy and struggling with nonverbal language disorder that translated into difficulty with math instruction in particular. The tutor worked with us to draw her out, discover her learning needs, and prepare her for what she'd be facing in class in advance. In a very short time, not only her grades, but her personality reflected such a terrific change due to the individual and knowledgeable care she received. Her tutor has become a cherished friend of our family and as our daughter prepares for middle school next year, she has such confidence, knowing she's supported both educationally and emotionally. I can not say what a profound difference The Math Tutor Network made in our lives and how much we appreciate what they do."
-(Kimberly of Milton)

"My son actually ENJOYS math now thanks to The Math Tutor Network! He actually looks forward to seeing ther tutor! WOW-what a huge difference!"
-(Jim of Smyrna)

"Ms. Lee helped me when I was struggling in 5th grade. She is super nice! Ms. Lee helped me get my grade in math from a C to an A. She never lost faith in me and I am so thankful to have Ms. Lee here! Without her, i don't even want to know what my grade would look like. Overall, Ms. Lee is an amazing tutor!"
- (R.P of NorthWestern Middle School)


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